RJTR has provided complete interior design services for the Arthrex Innovation Hotel as well as the Arthrex Wellness Center. These buildings have significantly increased the size and diversity of the Arthrex campus in Naples Fl. The hotel guests will primarily be arthroscopic surgeons and medical device representatives coming to the campus for training. Having this hotel on site to house all of the guests really allows the visitors an immersive experience into Arthrex’s products and innovative designs and techniques. The surgeons have the benefit of everything they will need all on one site where they can concentrate on their learning and collaboration with others. Waking up, the guests may have their breakfast in the Corkscrew CafĂ© (named for Arthrex’s Corkscrew device) under the palm trees in the Atrium and head to the Wellness Center for a workout. After a full day of training, they can return to the hotel for dinner with their colleagues in a private dining room, attend a presentation on the latest surgical techniques in the Theater, or sit around the Think Table and sketch up ideas for some future products. After dinner a quick stroll through the Arthrex History Gallery is in order, followed by a drink and sushi at the Think Tank Bar.
Arthrex is both the Client and Owner of the Hotel. Mainsail will operate the hotel. Leo A Daly provided the architecture for the Hotel.